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Black Lion Group and its holdings manage the 2022 African Infrastructure Solutions comprise of a pipeline of 180 Projects across 36 African countries with a total value of US$35 Billion. Prince Randy and his team of partners and associates are actively raising capital to contribute to closing the very large infrastructure development gap on the African Continent.


Black Lion Group is a Strategic Advisory and Investment Management Firm specialising in projects finance, large Investment Ventures and Impact Investments targeting emerging nations on the African continent.


We help global investors and lenders gain first class exposure to the infrastructure asset class via funds activity or direct projects. We manage Africa-focused infrastructure projects.


Black Lion offers clever investment opportunities, careful assessment of risks-and-returns, and solid public-private partnerships on the African continent to our Global Partners. Our strategies provide a good long-term return to local and global investors.


We specialise in the financial engineering and structuring of medium to large projects in energy, infrastructure development, mining & metals, real estate development, affordable housing, information technology & telecoms, agricultural production, biotechnology, water provisioning projects and funding mechanisms to execute public and private projects.


Key responsibilities within the Group:


• Strategy & overall direction of the company's vision

• Sourcing Contracts and Partnerships

• Large Programme Management

• Financial Solutions Engineering

• High-level negotiations

• Business and Political Lobbying


Industries: Large Scale Infrastructure, Mining, Investment Banking, Commercial Real Estate, Transports and Logistics, Renewable Energy, Agri-Business, Industrial Development (Manufacturing)

Our Core Clients includes Business Partners, Leadership Advisors, Investors, Community Leaders, Political Leaders from a diverse range of institutions and organizations:


• African Governments or African Public Institutions

• Investment Banks, Multilateral Banks

• Global Private Equity Firms & Venture Capital Firms

• Global & African Investment Funds

• Engineering, construction & procurement companies

• Risk Advisors & Consultants , Law Firms

• Development Finance Institutions

• Business Service Providers

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