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Organization for the Socio Economic Transformation of Africa

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Who We Are

OTSEA: What is it?


OTSEA (Organization for socio-economic transformation of Africa)


//// This initiative aims to create a new and very influential organization with its own capital (members’ contribution + key sponsors) which will aim to provide strategies, practical solutions and contributions to the financial, socio-economic and cultural development of Africa. This organization will aim to intervene in the socio-economic development strategies of all the African states, it will lobby to weigh on decisions related to the African Union Objectives and the Regional Unions and work with NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa's Development), the AU (African Union), African States individually, ECOWAS, EAC, SADC, the Maghreb Union, the African Development Bank... and the Big Asian and Middle-East Funds  and Africans Funds, to ensure that African States overcome their challenges and reach their goals.


//// This Think Tank will adopt a similar model to the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) or the RAND Corporation and will aim to counteract projects or initiatives that will not be in the best interest of African populations. This organization will be guarantor of the African Youth Empowerment and job creation on a large scale. We also integrate the Child of the Universe project to ensure that the education and health are priorities no1 in African Nations. 


//// The heart of the team will be composed of Pan-African Elite, Emerging African Talents and Experts and International Experts alike, people who are specialists in African issues and understand the historical and geopolitical contexts that Africa faces. We also need to have a media platform and communications experts to show Africa in its true face and not distorted one that major Western media like to show. It is important that those who will be integrated in strategic consulting have some common knowledge in their respective countries, or across their region or even continent, or globally because it is also important to create a balance within the organization (less famous people with good ideas, experience and talent, and famous people with good ideas, experience and talent).

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