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African Growth

The time has come for investors to embrace Africa's boundless potential.
It's a continent where growth and opportunity coexist, where innovation meets impact.
So let us shed our outdated perceptions and seize the chance to empower Africa.
The business world must embrace this dynamic economy and play a vital role in shaping its future.
Join us on this journey of discovery and investment in Africa.


Success in Africa depends on having advisors that understand the continent's socio-economic and cultural dynamics.  Black Lion assists global investors identify investment opportunities and make profits in Africa's growth markets and advises and assist African Governments and Businesses in securing financial investment solutions for their projects. Black Lion handles arranges, manages and leads over 200 financial transactions each year since 2012.

Financial Consultation
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In today's financial and geo-political climate, managing medium to large projects, gaining access to "bankable" assets, raising private equity, venture capital or senior debt on the African Continent is a complex process and requires a thorough knowledge and experience of the geo-political, cultural and socio-economic dynamics of each African Nation as well as solid and privileged relationships with key partners and decision makers in the target markets.


Black Lion specialises in making it easier for international investors, service providers, various contractors and delivery or implementation partners to secure and close successful deals in Africa.

Core Sectors

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